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Vassilis Bourdakis

Architect, associate professor at the University of Thessaly in Volos, Greece. Greece and UK registered architect graduated from the National Technical University in Athens in 1987. Completed his PhD in building evaluation and performance in Bath July 1994. Since 1991 worked extensively in the field of CAAD and VR, investigating 3D modelling strategies and developing software for the creation of architectural 3D models mainly focusing on the flexibility and intuitiveness of the modelling and integration to the design process. The software has been used/developed/tested extensively in competition entries. Since 1994 has researched/investigated the structure, properties and visualisation strategies employed in large scale urban models. Subsequently has built 3D digital urban scale models and developed VR applications for their evaluation.





Born in Athens, Greece , 1964
Graduate of the 1st Lyceum of Athens in Plaka, 1978-1981.
Attended the Piraeus Graduate School of Industrial Studies Department of Economics during 1981-1982.
Studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) from 1982 to 1987.
Awarded a Ph.D. in architecture at the University of Bath, UK in 1994.
The title of the thesis was "Performance Appraisal of Sportshalls and Swimming Pool Buildings in Greece". [PDF format, 4.6MB]




1999- today
Associate Professor at the Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly, Greece participated in the following research projects:.
  • "Technology, Maths and Gender", European Union and Minstry of Education.
  • "The Virtual Kitsos Makris Folklore Museum", as part of the enhancement of IT services of the University of Thessaly Library, European Union and Minstry of Education.
  • Planning inclusion of Clients through e-Training PICT. Leonardo da Vinci, EU funded Research Project [Project website]
  • "The ARGO Network" EU funded project
  • "IRIS – The Art of Mathematics and the Mathematics of Art", Greek Ministry of Education Project, Greek Schools in the Information Society,
CASA, University of Bath as a Research Officer working on:
  • Virtual Reality; development of interactive virtual environments
  • Application of VR techniques in Urban Planning.
  • VRML model of the city of Bath 3D computer modelling and visualisation of cities as an planning evaluation tool.
  • 3D Database building using Open Inventor and VRML
  • Map of the Future in London Computer modelling techniques; application in large scale models.
  • Integration of Photogrammetric system Data with AutoCAD modelling.
  • Lecturing in CAAD
  • Researching the use of computers in architectural design
  • Educational Software; Energy Monitoring the City
  • Visualisation of large scale architectural CAD models.


Entasis Architects as an associate architect (part time)


Apply Lambda, Part-time Programmer

Developed a 3D architectural modeller GV Tekton®, add-on to industry standard AutoDesk's AutoCAD.  The focus of the package is to facilitate architectural design without compromising compatibility with currently available CAD 3D systems.


Freelance Architect




DeTour, Athens by Art, art competition, 2004 [constructed]
Mediterranean architectural competition, 2003 [Award]
6th Oistat Theatre Architectural Competition 2003
Ephemeral Structures for Athens 2004 Olympic Games, 2002
  Koumoundourou Square Architectural Competition, Athens, 1999
DPThrace Architectural Competition: Dpt. of Education, University of Thrace, Greece, September 1998 [Award]
Hlioupoli National Architectural Competition for a sportshall in Ilioupolis, Athens, Greece, February 1995. [Award]
TEE International Architectural Competition for the Technical Chamber of Athens Building, entry Feb. 1994, Greece.
10th Membrane 10th Membrane design Competition Japan, Aug. 1995
Fl. Mill Architectural Competition for the Flour Mills in Gateshead, summer 1994, U.K.
Europan 3, 1993-94 for the Salonika site. [Award]



Family House refurbishment in Athens 1998, Greece.
Cavendish TFF 9 Cavendish Place Bath, UK 1997
Family House design in Athens (Stamata) 1990-92, Greece.
Thesis project on the protection of an Archaeological site in Piraeus, 1987, Greece.
Analysis and critique of Nikos Mitsakis interwar designs and buildings, 1986, Greece.



A + V Rings Rings

Design of a series of household accessories

Furniture Design Contest Entry (FURNIDEK 1988) in Salonika, Greece.
CH1 M Steel & Timber Chair, F#C_1 (1992)
Steel Chair F#C_2 (1991)
Steel & Plastic Chair, F#C_3 (1994)
Timber & Steel Sofa, F#S_2 (1988)

Hi-Fi related design work

Passive Pre-Amp H#P_1, (1990)
Passive Pre in Stone H#P_2, (1991)
Valve Amp H#A_1, (1989)
Valve Amp H#A_2, (1990)
H#S v2 Speakers with stands H#S_2, (1992).
Stand for bookshelf Speakers H#T_1, (1988)
Concrete Speakers H#S_1 (1990)
Speaker stand for H#S_1 (1990)
Fibre-glass speaker stands H#T_2, (1991)
Stand for Hi-Fi system, YS_1, (1994)

Car related design work

Study on wheels...
Steering wheel in steel & wood, C#S_2 (1990)


Vas Avatar This is my avatar for all these multi-user Virtual Environments that people have been working on!





Books - Book Editing

  • Bourdakis, V., and Charitos D. (2006) "Communicating Space(s)", eCAADe Publications, pp.928.
  • J. Duarte and V. Bourdakis (eds), International Journal of Architectural Computing, guest editors for the first issue of 2007

Articles in refereed scientific journals

  • Tsangrassoulis, A., Bourdakis, V., Geros, V. and Santamouris, M. (2006) ‘A genetic algorithm solution for the design of slat-type blinds’, In Renewable Energy Vol.31, pp.2321-2328.
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  • Tsangrassoulis, A. and Bourdakis, V. (2003) "Comparison of radiosity and ray-tracing techniques with a practical design procedure for the prediction of daylight levels in atria", In Renewable Energy 28, pp.2157-2162 [PDF Format]
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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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Other Publications - Reports

  • Bourdakis V. (forthcoming) "From Pen to Bit - Computers in Architectural Design", Discussion Paper Series DPRD, Thessaly University Press [in greek]
  • Bourdakis V. (2003) ‘Virtual Reality: Designing Digital Environments’ Notes / Website supporting undergraduate lectures URL=http://vr.arch.uth.gr/VR-Arch/ [in greek]
  • Bourdakis, V. (2000) Utilising Virtual Environments In: Seventeen Texts on Planning, Cities and Development (Department of Planning and Regional Development, Thessaly University Press, Volos pp.447-462 ISBN 960-85978-5-4. (non-refereed book) [in greek].
  • Bourdakis, V. Virtual Reality in Teaching Architecture in "The Potential of Virtual Reality for UK Higher Education" Workshop 20-21 December 1995, Abingdon, UK.






my experience ranges from Unix workstations to the PC's that I'm using daily. I'm mainly using MS Windows2K, XP Pro  for the bulk of my work and most development and modelling.
  • 3D Modelling is done using AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Visual Basic, MS Access.
  • Visualisation work is done in PhotoShop, Fractal Design Painter, using Kai's Power Tools. Multimedia presentations, using Adobe Premiere and Macromedia Director.
  • VR models and applications were initially done in Inventor and VRML97 using custom made applications, SGI Cosmo suite. However, over the last three years, all VR related work is carried out in AutoCAD, 3DStudio Max with editing and modification in VRMLPad by ParallelGraphics.
  • Programming Languages used extensively in my work are Lisp and Visual Basic. In rare occasions I've used Java and C.
  • Scripting and formatting languages used are JavaScript, Perl, Unix-shell, HTML.
  • Other applications that I do not use so often anymore are: LaTeX, Aldus Freehand, Adobe PageMaker etc.
  • Finally being involved with computers for that long I have extensive experience maintaining PCs and setting and administering mixed OS (WinNT/95/98 with Unix) LANs.



Cycling has always been my preferred sport and I have trained on road racing from 1980 until 1987 and have participated in various races from short circuits of 20-35Km up to long distance races like Athens- Argos (135Km). However, hill climbing was always my most successful event with a few finishes within the top ten on a National level. Best rating was on a team time trial over 100Km - 4th overall.
Cars especially classic ones, can keep me busy for long periods of time. The most extraordinary case was a Matra Simca Bagheera that I restored in 1988. This wonderful example of French engineering 'innovation' (read complexity) kept me really busy for many long days and even more nights... (it is the only car I know of that needs to have the passenger seat removed in order to adjust the contact breakers gap!) Now beat me on that... With this car I was more often seen under it than actually using it. Another car I really enjoyed was a Lotus Elite 501 (1979) that I managed to cross most of Europe successfully with (that is assuming that a blown head gasket in the Austrian-Italian Alps counts as a minor incident). It did ruin my sense of acceleration though. Ever since, I felt that all cars are very slow (that was especially true with a 105BHP Lancia Delta GT). A cracked gearbox in July 1996 solved my problems though. After a two month search, I managed to find a very good and completely original Renault 5GT Turbo (1988 or Phase 2) which although only produces 120BHP is quite fast and excellent fun to drive! My dream is still to build a Lotus Super 7 replica. I've been trying to find the time and money to do that over the recent years. First I didn't have the time, then the money and now time is the problem again. Moving back to Greece and having to do a lot of traveling from Athens to Volos (650Km round trip - once a week) I sensibly (?) decided on a Fiat Coupe 2.0lt Turbo (4cyl - 16V version). Quite an enjoyable car, excellent Pinninfarina designed body with its 196BHP Lancia Delta Integrale derived engine good for 230km/h and sub 7sec 0-100. 

However, I have to admit that the car that I loved the most (well until today that is) was a Seat Ibiza 1.2GLX that I owned from 1985-1989. I'm quite sure that the poor car (if it could possibly ever express an opinion) would definately not agree with me. A high speed spin followed by a close encounter with a telephone pole left it with a few 'minor' scratches. In 1990 my brother managed to write it off with a head on to an electricity pole (thicker and stronger than the telephone ones, at least in Greece).

Photography composition, as well as developing and printing kept me busy over the two final years of University studies. I worked as part-time freelance photographer - reporter for various events. I was also developing black and white photos for two specialist photographic studios in Athens over the same period.
Car mechanics you name it I've probably done it! Certain tasks I love, others I really hate. Among the latter is grinding the 16 valves of my Lotus using the traditional method (you know the one that reminds the way that native Indians used to start a fire...) Honestly, I should have replaced all of them if only I could find them within a week in Greece with no Lotus dealer in the whole country... Fitting the cylinder head and setting the valve clearances right was a nightmare that I'm not looking forward to experiencing again. It was a long lasting nightmare as well! It took more than 8 hours of trial and error and 4 test fittings of each camshaft housing to get them right - of course I couldn't get any new sims as well, I was lucky enough to get the headgasket mail order from the UK at that time. Electrics, stereo installations, brake and suspension overhauls and upgrades are among my favourite tasks. Engine rebuilts (I've already done three) are among the very dirty and not so exciting jobs. Gearboxes are the only things I haven't mastered - I only managed to break one so far... Considering that I rarely use the clutch (always for 1st and reverse, occasionally for 2nd) that's not too bad so far.
Traveling I really love, but driving, not being driven around! Most of the travelling I've done in Europe was in an Audi Coupe which, although a bit boring, managed to cover 20000 miles at the age of 8 without a single failure (well almost, rewiring most of the main loom the first week I bought it is considered normal for German cars, or maybe not?)
Hi-Fi Last, but definitely not least, Hi-Fi which was developed not only to an audiophile passion but also on the design of the system components. The result can be seen above.
Various Before getting involved with computers, I did a lot of model-making work for architectural competition entries as well as architectural exhibitions. These models were mainly done using carton, cork, steel wire, balsa, and the last few, PVC's and perspex. Acrylic colours were used extensively in the cartons but airbrush was avoided due to the very professional and technical effect that it produces. Nowadays, I'm dreaming of these state of the art rapid prototyping systems and I cannot say that I'm looking forward to doing more modelling work - although I occasionally do models for competition entries. I'm much happier modelling in the computer and doing all the visualisation work in AutoCAD and 3DStudio Max.

I also enjoy snooker and even more American billiards as well as squash (although I'd still prefer my bike if the weather was right, the roads were right, the temperature was right, etc...)


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For further info mailto: V.Bourdakis@prd.uth.gr
Tel. work +30 2421 074421, home +30 2421 021009

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